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Uptown Hotel - Merupakan hotel budget di Kajang area yang letaknya bukan di tengah-tengah kesesakan bandar Kajang, tetapi masih dalam lingkungan hub area bandar Kajang. Rasanya ramai yang tahu Uptown hotel ni sebab hotel ni ada cawangan di banyak tempat di negara ini. Istimewanya Uptown Hotel Kajang ni sebab banyak pilihan tempat makan ada di sini. Ini termasuklah Restoran  Nasi Kandar India Muslim (Ayza), yang memang terkenal dan paling sedap makanannya di Kajang serta restoran KFC dan Pizza Hut hanya jarak berjalan kaki saja. Selain daripada itu, Metro Point Kajang shopping center pulak dibuka di depan Uptown Hotel. Ada bank, bowling centre, restoran Kenny Rogers Roaster, Ayam Penyet, Baskin Robbins, pasaraya Mydin, bla, bla,bla...banyaklah yang ada di sini.


Di belakang hotel ini ialah anak Sg. Jeluh, tetapi jangan risau, ini bukan kawasan Kajang yang kerap banjir. Untuk sampai ke hotel ini, anda boleh ikut Jalan Semenyih atau Jalan Bukit. Bagi muslim travellers, saya recommend hotel Uptown ini antara yang paling sesuai untuk anda.



Uptown Kajang hotel, hotel bajet yang murah & senang cari makan!

Uptown Hotel Kajang dilihat daripada bangunan Metropoint Kajang

Metro Point Kajang di depan Uptown Hotel (gambar atas).

TEL: 03-8724-2887




Hotel Uptown Kajang memang menjadi pilihan ramai, sama ada yang datang dari semenanjung, mahupun yang dari Sabah dan Sarawak. Ramai yang berpendapat, menginap di hotel Uptown Kajang ini sangat menyenangkan kerana di sini lengkap - ada tempat makan yang banyak, kemudahan teksi, bank dan tempat riadah, panggung wayang dsb.

Hotel area Kajang kebanyakannya hotel budget. Belum ada lagi hotel 5 bintang di area Kajang. Hotel yang telah lama beroperasi di Kajang ialah seperti hotel Prescott Metro Inn, Hotel Oriental Crystal dan Hotel New City.

Hotel-hotel ini lebih selesa dan memang berada di dalam pusat bandar Kajang. Hotel Uptown dan juga hotel-hotel di Jalan Raja Harun seperti Hotel 91 dan Hotel Sungei Wang juga terletak dalam pusat bandar Kajang. Hotel-hotel ini jauh lebih murah dan sesuai untuk travellers. Harga hotel budget area Kajang dan Bangi biasanya dalam RM70/malam untuk dua orang. Breakfast memang tak ada la.



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Hotel in Kajang area mostly budget hotels. No yet 5 star hotels in Kajang area. Hotels that have long operated in Kajang are like hotel Prescott Metro Inn, Crystal Oriental Hotel and Hotel New City. These hotels are more comfortable and it is in the center of Kajang town. Hotel Uptown and the hotels in Jalan Raja Harun such as Hotel 91 and Sungei Wang Hotel are located in downtown Kajang. These hotels are much cheaper and suitable for travelers. Budget hotel price in Kajang and Bangi area usually within RM70/night for two people. Breakfast will not be served.

For those who have business appointment around UKM Bangi, you may like to book hotel in Bandar Baru Bangi area. But in fact, the hotels in Reko Sentral also close to UKM Bangi, such as Reko Inn Hotel, DG Hotel, and Smart Hotel. Nowadays, Bandar Baru Bangi also already has a lot of new budget hotels.

For those who have business appointment in Putrajaya will also find Bangi area hotel or any hotel, not far from the Kajang SILK Highway. For example, Hotel Putra Kajang Star and Eco Hotel Putra Kajang. These two hotels are very close to the Sg. Ramal Toll Plaza and only 15 minutes to reach the area of Putrajaya. In Putrajaya, there are not many hotels, all existing hotels are luxurious! When there is event in Putrajaya as Youth Day, or graduation season at PICC or event such as MAHA at UPM, hotels in Kajang and Bangi normally will fully book.

For those who have business appointment in Cheras-Kajang or around Cheras, KK Hotel Kajang is just perfect. KK Hotel is a new hotel in Kajang area, opened in 2011.

Considerations When Choosing Your Hotel Accommodation

When choosing for your travel accommodations, there are many important considerations to think about if you want to avoid that feeling of disappointment during your vacation. So, getting the right accommodation that will live up to your expectations is a must. It is a fact, that many travellers overlook their hotel accommodations and instead spend more time handling airline ticket reservations. They considerably spend a lesser amount of time in choosing their hotel.

It is important that you get the most of your hotel reservation. It is very much ideal to book early as much as possible and to keep your dates flexible. For hotels that cater to businessmen, they would consider the weekend to be their off-season. Families planning to take a weekend vacation could take advantage of such and get special packages or better yet cheaper rates.

Your choice of hotel should be based on several aspects which include the hotel's name, the amenities being provided, price, location and packages if any.

If you are travelling with your family, choose hotels that are family friendly. It would help if your chosen hotel has a children's activity centre where kids can have fun and educational games with caregivers to supervise over them. A day care service and a pool for the children would also be nice.

Choose a hotel that uses electronic key cards and those whose doors are equipped with a security viewer. For those who merely like to spend time in the hotel, ask about the hotel's available amenities. Inquire also as to the availability of laundry service, on whether the rooms are provided with its own hair dryer, coffee maker, cable television, internet connection and also regarding the inclusive meals and the availability of a shuttle service for transfers. If you value much room service, ensure that it is available 24 hours.

Your chosen hotel's location is another important aspect and if you are on a vacation you are looking for some rest and relaxation. Ask about the hotel's surroundings and on whether it is not in a noisy location where there can be so much vehicular traffic most especially if you do not wish to be disturbed during your stay. It should also be as much as possible located near the attractions you would be visiting. This would definitely help save money for fare.

Knowing much about your hotel accommodations will make your trip a more pleasurable one. Ask family or friends for hotels they could recommend or ask for their opinion if they happen to have stayed at one of your hotel prospects.

When you leave your room, always leave the television on.

Ask maid to make your room up during breakfast. Place “Do not disturb" sign on door. If you want maid service, call to housekeeping and tell them to make up the room but leave the sign on the door. The sign is valuable when you aren't in the room because it gives the impression you are still inside.

At night, leave a light on and drapes should be partially opened as if someone was inside.

Always use the security vault in hotel. The in-room safe is adequate sometimes. The ones least recommended are those that take standard keys (usually overseas). Preferred are those that have an electronic combination lock. The front desk deposit boxes are usually safer but more inconvenient.

Don't display you guest room key in public or even inside the hotel or at the swimming pool. Crook have known to walk by casually, observe the number in the key if stamped on it and make false charges in the hotel restaurant, bar or store and using your room number.


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