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Pearl Avenue Condominium Common Facilities

Swimming pool - Water fall swimming pool di hadapan Blok B yang mengadap Sg. Chua.
Gymnasium -  hadapan Blok B yang mengadap Sg. Chua.
Multi-purpose hall - di tengah-tengah (antara Blok A dan Blok B) yang mengadap Sg. Chua.
Taman permainan kanak-kanak -  di Blok B yang mengadap Sg. Chua.
Jogging Track - di sekeliling Blok A dan B.
Surau - di Blok A yang mengadap TLS Office.
Lift Lobby - 3 lif disediakan.


Nota: Bayaran penyelenggaraan bulanan unit condominium pada kadar 12 sen/kaki persegi akan digunakan untuk menyelenggarakan semua common facilities ini.



H/P: 019-676 0020

Kanak-Kanak dan Kolam Renang

Ramai dikalangan rakyat Malaysia yang gemarkan kemudahan swimming pool di rumah mereka. Jika tidak dapat menyediakan swimming pool yang besar, kolam air plastik pun memadai!

Bagi mereka yang tinggal di Kajang, ke mana anda selalu bawa anak-anak anda untuk mandi-manda atau berekreasi pada hujung minggu? Kanak-kanak sangat suka taman tema air, seperti di Sunway Lagoon, KLCC ataupun di beberapa kompleks kejiranan di Putrajaya yang menyediakan kolam renang kanak-kanak. Jika anda memilih Pearl Avenue, anda tidak perlu lagi sibuk mencari taman-taman tema air pada hujung minggu!

Dalam jangkamasa panjang, jika anda telah berusia lanjut nanti, pastinya anak-anak dan cucu-cucu anda rasa seronok untuk ke rumah anda! Anda juga tentu gembira bukan?

Decorating Ideas for Condos

Decorating a condo does not have to be much different than decorating a house. You should decorate in the colors and styles you prefer. Still, there are some things to think about that are unique to decorating a condo. For example, the footprint of a condo is usually smaller than a house, and similar to every other condo in the building. Also, storage space is usually at a premium. Create the feel of a larger space and add storage to your condo using the following tips.

Fool the Eye

The biggest difference between a condo and a house is that a condo usually has less square footage. Therefore, when you decorate a condo, think about how to make the space seem bigger. Most condos have one "great room" rather than a separate living room and family room. This room is often rather small, even though the name of the room indicates otherwise. To make the room seem bigger, try installing some mirrors on the walls. If you can install a mirror opposite a window, the mirror will reflect the window and bring more light into the room, making it feel larger and brighter. A mirror over a fireplace also has the same effect. In any small room, not just the great room, limit window treatments to very light, sheer curtains or even nothing at all. Instead, hang a blind that can be pulled up, and install molding around the window to frame it. Painting the walls in a light, neutral color and the ceiling one shade lighter also will open up any small room.


Choose furniture wisely when you are shopping for your condo. Look for furniture on a smaller scale, so the pieces don't overwhelm smaller rooms. Clear glass on a tabletop or coffee table makes a room feel larger. In addition, shop for furniture that can do double duty. A futon can double as a guest bed. Drawers underneath a coffee table add extra storage, which is usually lacking in a condo. Some ottomans also lift up to feature storage. Hiding your television in an armoire can make the room look more formal and turn it into a dining room when you don't want to watch television. In fact, instead of trying to squeeze a dining room table into a great room, invest in a large coffee table, some luxurious floor cushions and then eat on the floor, Asian style. Or, invest in a great-looking set of TV trays.

Pearl Avenue Condominium Kajang akan dilengkapi dengan swimming pool dengan konsep bertingkat bagi kegunaan kanak-kanak dan juga orang dewasa.

Pearl Avenue Condominium juga mempunyai gymnasium.


Swimming Pools - Added Values for Condos

Swimming pools help add value to property, and are wonderful assets to houses, resorts and hotels. Various types of swimming pools are available, such as above-ground, in-ground, and portable. Each type has its own pros and cons...

Swimming pools are the best way to beat the scorching summer heat. Everybody loves to plunge into the cool water and relax away! For those who love swimming, enjoying the benefits of a swimming pool in the backyard is not far fetched. Several types of swimming pools are available to suit different needs. Pools above ground level, below ground level, as well as the portable type, are available in the market. Depending on the money, space availability, time and convenience, one can choose the type of swimming pool to be installed.


Make it Unique

Finally, use some unusual decorating techniques to make your condo stand out from the others in your building. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use ceiling molding, wainscoting and chair rails on the walls. Install wainscoting a third of the way up the wall, top it off with a chair rail and then paint the area above it. Then, install molding around the edges where the walls meet the ceiling. Alternately, choose one wall and wallpaper it with a light-colored but sophisticated print. If you know a carpenter or are handy with wood, build yourself some built-in bookshelves around a fireplace or doorway, then paint them to match the wall.

Use glass top tables or acrylics instead of solid woods. Since the glass is "see-thru" it will give the appearance of space.

Opt for furniture that "floats" (recessed toe kicks, no sofa skirts, blank space at foot) it will create the illusion of more floor space. Look for sofas with low profiles and slim arms such sofa from Room and Board pictured on the right . Also when purchasing furniture keep in mind that size does matter. Small spaces will feel cluttered and overwhelmed with standard size furniture. Lucky for us apartment size sofas, tables and other furniture now make it so easy to decorate small spaces. I stress to my clients that when shopping for furniture that they take along a tape measure because what looks small in the showroom may be way too large for their home. Numbers don't lie so remember to take the tape measure with you.

Floating wall shelves are attractive and do not take up precious floor space. I highly recommend their use. Keep the space well lit - darkness makes rooms appear smaller than they really are. I like to use mirrors to bounce light around small rooms. The mirrors also multi-task as they create the illusion of more space by visually enlarging the room.

Plan for multi-purpose furniture such as storage ottomans that serve as seating, storage and as a table top. By purchasing the multiple use ottoman you have essentially freed up the space it would take for a small table with storage capability.




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