Facts of Taman Kajang Sentral:

Community: Malay (majority) Indian Muslim and Indian (Minorities) | Residential: Low & medium cost apartment | Rental cost: RM400 - RM450 permonth. Restaurants: Malays: 4 Indian : 1 Chinese : 1 Mamak: 2 - 24-hours  | Shops & Groceries: 3 Playground: Yes | Surau: Yes | Masjid: Taman Kajang Jaya |  Security: Medium | Walking distance to Stesen Komuter Kajang | IPTS: UniKL, New Era, INTIM | Tuition Centers: Yes| Clinics: Yes | MIROS | Developer: TKS Projects Sdn. Bhd. | Taman Kajang_Sentral


peta taman kajang sentral  

Jarak di antara Taman Kajang Sentral dengan pekan Kajang ditunjukkan dalam peta Taman Kajang Sentral di atas. Taman Kajang Sentral dihubungkan dengan Jalan Bukit untuk ke Pekan Kajang, kira-kira 2 km jaraknya. Di hadapan Taman Kajang Sentral ialah highway SILK dan Taman Kajang Utama. Di belakangnya pula terdapat banyak apartment kos rendah.


Taman Kajang Sentral Map

Taman Kajang Sentral Map - Taman ini terletak bertentangan dengan Taman Kajang Utama. 

Taman Kajang Sentral - Zoom-in.

Taman Kajang Sentral boleh diakses sama ada daripada SILK highway (dari KL), Jalan Reko (dari UKM Bangi) dan Jalan Bukit (dari Stesen Komuter Kajang/Kajang Town).

Kajang Sentral | Bazaar Malam Reko Sentral | Reko Sentral



Dari arah Kuala Lumpur, ikut highway Kajang SILK menghala ke Semenyih. Selepas Plaza Tol Sg. Ramal, jalan terus dalam 2 kilometer. Susu masuk ke Taman Kajang Sentral selepas anda nampak signboard Kajang Sentral Business Park selepas Jalan Bukit. Jalan TKS 1 itu adalam nama jalan di Taman Kajang Sentral. Jalan TKS 1 agak panjang jaraknya, bermula dari bangunan UNIKL sehingga ke bangunan MIROS.


AVI VIDEO DOWNLOAD: A journey to Taman Kajang Sentral. File size: 38MB. The journey starts from KL (refer Graphical map). Download now!


Located within this growth corridor, Kajang is one of the matured municipals in Southern Klang Valley that has transformed into a popular suburb for both residential and commercial developments. Situated 20km south of Kuala Lumpur, accessed by the North-South Highway, SILK highway, Grand Saga Highway and trunk roads (Jalan Reko and Jalan Bangi), Kajang is no longer a small town only well known for its satay. Today, it hosts a number of universities, research institutions, multinational industrial parks, several golf clubs, as well as the renowned exclusive country-living neighbourhood.

The new campus of University of Nottingham is among some nearby educational institutions located in the Kajang-Bangi-Semenyih vicinity, along with National University of Malaysia (UKM), Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College (IKRAM), University Tenaga Nasional (Uniten), Malaysia France Institute,New Era College and MEA Technology Centre. Besides that, the municipal is also home to the Maybank Training Centre, Bumiputera-Commerce Bank Training Centre and the Malaysia Institute of Nuclear Technology Research Centre (MINT). The government's effort in developing this area has resulted in the establishment of various multinational organizations' production factories, such as Sony, Denso, Hitachi, Sapura, Datapos and Sumida. The vast amenities and healthy employment market have led to a population of more than 230,000, a healthy growth from 2001, when it was just 189,000 (source: Kajang Municipal Council, MPKJ).


Satay Kajang Hj Samuri

Kajang is famous for its sate (alternate spelling is satay), a form of skewered barbecued meat. Informally, Kajang is known as the "Satay Town", and is famous among tourists and locals alike. The most famous place to eat Satay is Haji Samuri as well as Restoran Malaysia.

Overnight accommodations includes Metro Inn, Crystal Oriental Hotel and Uptown Hotel, which are located within a 2 km (1.2 mi) radius of the town center.


Kajang has a number of new and old shopping complexes. The Billion Shopping Center in Kajang town has been around for more than 20 years. It was originally located in the heart of Kajang town and now has a new and larger branch in Bandar Technologi Kajang. Metro Kajang, Metro Point and Kompleks Kota Kajang are other shopping complexes in Kajang. Metro Avenue is a new shopping district under construction located opposite SMJK Yu Hua Kajang.

There has been a boom of hypermarkets in Kajang in the past 5 years, marked by the emergence of Giant, Tesco Kajang and Jusco Balakong.

Relaxing  - Taman Tasik Cempaka Bangi

Taman Tasik Cempaka is one of the Jewel of Bangi that provides the community with large spacious lake garden for healthy lifestyle. Every weekend it will be crowded with joggers, brisk walkers or simply people having leisure times with their family. The lake garden is complete with more the 4 kms jogging tracks, kidís playgrounds, stretching and exercise spots, reflexology tracks, small foot ball field, picnic gazebos etc. The Bangi community that practiced healthy lifestyle will used the garden as their playground while others unwind themselves with their family and friends after hectic days at work. Read more...



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