Matematik Tahun 6-UPSR

Pecahan: Menambah Nombor Bercampur dengan Penyebut yang Berlainan





Latihan matematik UPSR ini disarankan untuk digunakan oleh murid-murid tahun 6. Semua latihan adalah menggunakan ayat bahasa Inggeris. Laman ini boleh dicetak terus untuk kegunaan ibubapa/guru sebagai latihtubi.


    A. 3 1/4
    B. 3 1/6
    C. 3 5/12

3 2/5


    A. 6 5/6
    B. 6 7/8
    C. 6 3/4
    D. 6 1/5
  3. Find the addition of    and
    A. 1/4
    B. 5/6
    C. 4/8
    D. 5/8
    A. 5/18
    B. 13/18
    C. 1 7/18
    D. 1 17/18
    A.  7 2/3
    B.  7 1/4
    C.  6 1/4
    D.  6 3/5
  6. Which of the following has a total nearest to 4?
    A. 8 1/8
    B. 8 1/2
    C. 9 3/8
    D. 10 3/8
  8. Calculate
    A. 8 3/20
    B. 8 3/10
    C. 7 3/20
    D. 7 3/10
    A. 6 5/6
    B. 6 1/6
    C. 5 4/5
    D. 5 3/5
  10. Which of the following is incorrect?

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What is Fraction?

A fraction (sometimes, a common fraction) is a way of expressing a number that is a ratio of two integers:


The top (or the first) number is called the numerator, the bottom (or the second) number is called the denominator. The numerator answers the question, How many? The denominator specifies the answer to that question, How many of what? Accordingly, "p/q" is pronounced "p q-th," meaning p parts each equal to the q-th part of a whole. (This we may meaningfully refer to as the u-property or u-aspect of a fraction, that is interpreted as the number of fractional units.) When the numeric aspect of the fraction needs to be emphasized, "p/q" is pronounced simply "p over q" or "p divided by q."

What is the whole? It depends. What is 1, or what is 5? These are abstractions that are used to indicate quantity: 1 apple, 1 acre, 1 dollar, 5 apples, 5 acres, 5 dollars. In the same manner 2/3 is an abstraction that indicates a quantity of apples, areas, or the balance in a bank account. 2/3 of an apple is two parts of an apple that was divided into three parts. To determine 2/3 of 5 apples one needs to divide 5 apples into three equal parts and take any two of them. How does one divided 5 apples into three equal parts? Divide each of the apples into three parts and combine five of the pieces at a time. (This of course assumes that the apples are equal and one is sufficiently skillful to divide each into three equal parts.) Incidentally, it shows that 2/3 of 5 apples equals 10/3 of an apple. When Mr. Smith's backyard is said to be 2/3 of Mr. Johnes' the intention is to their areas: the latter is bigger than the former and, more accurately, if Mr. Johnes' backyard measures, say, 3 acres, then that of Mr. Smith's is 2 acres. 2/3 of a bank account balance is $6 if the whole is $9, and is $60 if the whole is $90. More resources...



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