Matematik Tahun 6-UPSR

Ukuran Panjang - Mengira Nilai Panjang daripada Pecahan




Latihan matematik UPSR ini disarankan untuk digunakan oleh murid-murid tahun 6. Semua latihan adalah menggunakan ayat bahasa Inggeris. Laman ini boleh dicetak terus untuk kegunaan ibubapa/guru sebagai latihtubi.

of 60 m =

A. 8 m C. 15 m
B. 12 m D.  18 m
  2. x 180 cm = __________ cm
A. 90 C. 135
B. 125 D. 160
  3. How many meters   are there in of 200 m?
A. 175 C. 125
B. 150 D. 105
  4. of 150 m = _______m
A. 360 C. 405
B. 375 D. 425
  5. of 124 m = ?
A. 93 m C. 99 m
B. 96 m D. 103 m
  6. Which of the following is true?
A. of 84 cm = 60 m C. of 72 m = 1,600 cm
B. of 125 m = 75 cm D. of 250 km = 1,500 m
  7. x 5 m = ______ cm
A. 200 C. 220
B. 205 D. 250
  8. Which of the following is NOT correct?
A.   of 70 cm = 15 cm C. of 90 m = 30 m
B. of 80 m = 20 m D. of 60 km = 30 km
  9. Which of the following has the smallest value?
A. of 12 km C. of 80 km
B. of 12 km D. of 160 km
  10 of  m = 150 m
    Find the missing number in the box.
A. 425 C. 375
B. 405 D. 360

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Geometry Through Art: A Lesson on Teaching Measurement

The ancient Egyptians used string. They knotted it and stretched it to do their measuring. A very young child can get the idea of making geometric measurements the same way. Children can begin to comprehend the rudiments of geometry with string by being measured themselves.

In kindergarten and first and second grade, a teacher can take children's measurements and use their respective heights as basic length-units for having them measure things in the immediate environs. That's what the Egyptians did. They called the surveyors "rope-stretchers." A string with knots carefully made at both ends becomes your basic line segment.

Children (with the aid of classmates) stretch these strings alongside things in school and at home, and the notions of size, scale, proportion, and even space itself become concrete and accessible.

Measuring is matching. I am this big. The length of my tricycle, parked, takes up this amount of space, less than my height.

This measured "me" as a length-unit should be arrived at with deliberate care for accuracy. An effort to do this will make your students conscious that the mark on the paper, or the string itself against the wall, is not something arbitrarily arrived at. Read more...




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