Matematik Tahun 6-UPSR

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Latihan matematik UPSR ini disarankan untuk digunakan oleh murid-murid tahun 6. Semua latihan adalah menggunakan ayat bahasa Inggeris. Laman ini boleh dicetak terus untuk kegunaan ibubapa/guru sebagai latihtubi.


The diagram below consists of a rectangle and two isoscales triangles.

What is the perimeter of the whole diagram?









A   30 cm

B   38 cm

C   40 cm

D   44 cm










The diagram below consists of an isoscales triangle

and two rectangles.

Find the perimeter of the whole diagram.




A    36 cm

B    40 cm

C   48 cm

D   52 cm 






The diagram below shows a rectangle  ABCD and an equilateral triangle ADE.

The length of AB = 3 times AE. Calculate the perimeter, in cm, of the whole diagram






A    32 

B    33

C  36

D  40







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Measuring the Volume of Liquids

Liquids are fairly simple to measure, remembering that 1000 cubic centimetres equals 1 litre and 1000 litres equals 1 cubic metre.

Here are examples of ways to measure liquids:

  • Barrels - Barrels can be dry barrels or fluid barrels, such as oil and water barrels. The specific amount of volume a barrel holds has differed over time and depending on the type.
  • Gallons - A gallon is equal to 128 ounces; four quarts; eight pints and around 3.781 liters. 
  • Measuring cups - Measuring cups come in various sizes and can be used to measure liquid or dry goods. A set of measuring cups for dry goods usually includes a of a cup, a ⅓ of a cup, a cup and a 1-cup measure. 
  • Measuring spoons - Measuring spoons also come in various sizes and can measure dry or liquid goods. A standard set of measuring spoons generally contains a teaspoon measure; a teaspoon measure; a 1 teaspoon measure; and a 1 tablespoon measure. 
  • Pints - A pint is equal to 1 milliliter, .125 gallons, and .5 quarts. 
  • Quarts- A quart is equal to 946.353 milliliters, .25 gallons and four quarts




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