Matematik Tahun 6-UPSR

Nombor Bulat - Menamakan dan Menulis Nombor





Latihan matematik UPSR ini disarankan untuk digunakan oleh murid-murid tahun 6. Semua latihan adalah menggunakan ayat bahasa Inggeris. Laman ini boleh dicetak terus untuk kegunaan ibubapa/guru sebagai latihtubi


Write “Three million six thousand and four” in numerals.

    A. 3 604 000  
    B. 3.060 040
    C. 3 060 004
    D  3 006 004

6 075 013 written in words is

    A.six million seventy-five thousand and thirteen
    B.six million seven hundred  fifty and thirteen
    C.Six million seventy-five hundred and thirty
    D.Six million seventy-five thousand and thirty
  3. Diagram 1 shows a number word

Two hundred fifty-four thousand seven hundred and forty

    written in numeral is:
    A. 2 540 740  
    B. 2 054 714
    C. 254 740
    D. 254 714
  4. ’Seven million sixty-five thousand one hundred and nine’ written in numerals is
    A. 7 650 190  
    B. 7 605 109
    C. 7 065 190
    D. 7 065 109
  5. Diagram 2 shows a number

9  400 050   

    Write in words
    A. Nine million four hundred thousand and fifteen
    B. Nine million four hundred thousand and fifty
    C. Nine million fory thousand and fifteen
    D. Nine million forty thousand and fifty
  6. One hundred  twenty-one thousand and ninety-two written in numerals is
    A. 121 920
    B. 121 902
    C. 121 092
    D. 121 029
  7. 3 700 329 written in words is
    A. Thirty-seven million three hundred and twenty-nine
    B. Three million seven hundred thousand three hundred and twenty-nine
    C. Three million seventy thousand three hundred and twenty
    D. Three  thousand seven hundred thousand three hundred and twenty-nine
  8. Diagram 3 shows a number word

One million sixty-seven thousand and nine hundred

    A. 1 006 790
    B. 1 067 900
    C. 1 700 900
    D. 1 900 670
  9. 476  205 written in words is
    A. Four hundred seventy-six thousand two hundred and five
    B. Four hundred seventy-six thousand and twenty-five
    C. Four million seventy-six thousand two hundred and five
    D. Four million seventy-six thousand and twenty-five
  10. Write “Two hundred forty-six thousand and eighty-five” in numerals.
    A. 246 850
    B. 246 805
    C. 246 085
    D. 24 685

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Know Your Numbers: The Basics.

In mathematics, you'll see many references about numbers. Numbers can be classified into groups and intially it may seem somewhat perplexing but as you work with numbers throughout your education in math, they will soon become second nature to you. You'll hear a variety of terms being thrown at you and you'll soon be using those terms with great familiarity yourself. You will also soon discover that some numbers will belong to more than one group. For instance, a prime number is also an integer and a whole number. Here is a breakdown of how we classify numbers:

Natural Numbers
Natural numbers are what you use when you are counting one to one objects. You may be counting pennies or buttons or cookies. When you start using 1,2,3,4 and so on, you are using the counting numbers or to give them a proper title, you are using the natural numbers.(Resource)

Whole Numbers

A whole number is a number denoting one or more whole things. It can be contrasted with a fraction, which is a number that is used to denote quantities including part of a unit. Whole number is also called integer. However it is more common to use the term whole number in relation to fraction. A whole number is a number that does not contain a decimal. In addition to this, it does not contain any negative numbers at all. If they did contain negative numbers then they would be considered integers. Examples of whole numbers are 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and so on. So just remember, whole numbers means there are no fractions or negative numbers. All counting numbers are also whole numbers except for 0. Counting numbers are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and so on.(Resource).


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