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One of the best ways to enhance the green integrity of your living space is to look to your bathroom. No, it may not be the most glamorous of spaces but with a little care you can turn this space into a clean, efficient, and even quite stylish room. Bathrooms are not the most versatile style-wise with the limited space and requirement of a sink, tub, and toilet. However, with greater ventilation and a utilization of more durable and sustainable materials, a bathroom can become quite pleasant, visually and environmentally - Bathroom Remodelling.


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Bathroom's Tiles

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8 Steps to Design Your Bedroom Like a First-Class Hotel Room


1. Space:

In a hotel room, we take a small space and create a flexible haven for the guest for multiple activities. Do the same with your bedroom…You can create areas for sleeping (the bed), reading (seats), F&B (a coffee niche or mini refrigerator), working (desk) and grooming (the bath and closet). You can design this environment with any size room. First step is to decide which activities you want to perform (aside from sleeping!) and plan space accordingly.


2. The Not-So-Obvious Keys to Comfort

Review the room’s acoustics, ventilation and system controls. If possible, add extra insulation between walls, install upgraded carpet pad, add fabric walls with padded upholstered wall panels or on the headboard. These steps help increase comfort. In addition, room should be ventilated correctly - common mistakes are air vents blowing over the bed. Place your bed away from air vents and make sure you have access to fresh air. Add concealed speakers at key areas for a sound system and if possible, a fireplace is always a nice feature on a cold snowy night along with a heated towel rack in your bathroom. Install a bedside three-way switching control that is located above the nightstand for easy access.


3. Light it up!

  • In first-class hotel rooms, the following techniques are often utilized:

  • Three-way switch at entry for bedside lamp

  • Closet light that turns on automatically when door is opened

  • Reading lights at bed that are individually controlled

  • Ample lighting in bathroom - lighted makeup mirror, wall sconces and overhead lighting at vanity, lighting in tub area and lighting under vanity for night light

  • Dimmer controls on everything!

4. Late Night Snacks

Incorporate a station for coffee, beverages and snacks. If you want to really get snazzy, add a mini bar or wine cooler, and a sink (can be located near bathroom entry). What better way to relax than not having to go the kitchen for a cool beverage!


5. Incorporate Flexibility

Think "multi-use." Incorporate a pivoting desk so you can watch television (or the sunset) while working on those expense reports. If there is room for additional seating, rather than a standard chair, use either a chaise lounge, built in seating or two upholstered chairs with leather ottomans. Ottoman can be used to rest tired feet, as a surface for a board game or as a dining surface. Also, add a mirror above the desk so you can use it as a make-up vanity if your better half has control of the bathroom!


6. Natural Light

Ensure drapery treatments stack past windows to maximize views. Include sun control such as Mecco Shades. Ensure that drapery panels overlap at least 4" at center draws so that a "blackout" environment can be maintained when you want to snooze. Plus, line the drapery panels with a top-notch liner! And as an over-the-top idea, motorize window treatments with open/close switches at entry and bedside

7. The Bed.

  • Step 1: Buy the best bed you can. This will be the best investment you have ever made for your peace of mind. Consider a pillow top.

  • Step 2: Do away with the bedspread. Use a dust skirt and making the bed becomes a breeze, believe me - making up beds is our forte!!!

  • Step 3: We purchase top quality bedding, including 300 thread count sheets and duvets. You should do the same as it is worth it.

  • Step 4: Add throw pillows for color and pizzazz and include a throw blanket at the end of bed to protect that duvet and provide a cozy cover-up while reading a book in your favorite chair!

8. Lastly: Make it Personal and Unique

Many hotel rooms feature regional art and local interest magazines so a guest feels a connection with the city they are visiting. For your own room, remember--Whether it is a favorite painting, family photographs, a book shelf with your favorite books, don't be afraid to include those special items in your decorating scheme so you feel connected and at peace.

Source: Interior Decorating.

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