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Hiasan ruang tamu moden


cermin hiasan di dining area

Large wall mirror with white frame in the middle of the picture - left is bedroom 1 and move forward to the master bedroom. With mirrors, you can see reflection everywhere!
Use Mirrors to Make Space Look Larger
cermin hiasan di pintu masuk
Main entrance - wooden door (left side) and large wall mirror (right side). See main entrance from living area in the below picture.
living room decor for condo

Living area to dining area. You can see a large wall mirror (at left side of the picture)

living room decor for condo

Large wall mirror near dining table at dining room.


Small size IKEA mirrors like this can be grouped and arranged to make a large unframed mirrors. Cost only RM19 for 4 pieces of mirror.

Mirrors will make your apartment looks spacious!




Although most of us have a pretty good idea on where to hang a mirror in our home, they're often times far more versatile than we initially think. They can be one the best tools in the small space owner's back pocket and our personal opinion is that you can never have too many! While larger mirrors can be quite pricey, many of us don't have the budget for such things. Smaller mirrors are found at discount or thrift stores quite easily and with a super small price tag on them. Paint their frames all the same color and group them on the wall in the same place. The look will be organized without feeling cluttered. One of the favorite places for a mirror is right next to the dining room table. Like you see in many restaurants around the world, this allows for softer lighting to be used, while still keeping the area light and bright. Think of it as mood lighting that still allows you to see your dinner plate! Read more...


Cermin hiasan dinding merupakan teknik hiasan yang semakin popular yang diaplikasikan di apartment-apartment bersaiz kecil, sederhana dan juga studio apartment untuk memberi impak ilusi ruang yang luas daripada yang sebenarnya.

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