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By Azeri


A lot of people prefer simple white ceilings. Sometimes thatís because of neglecting the possibility of ceiling design while other times thatís because of they think thatís the best solution. Even though I think white ceilings are awesome there are also other very cool ways to design them. Plaster ceiling can make your house interior look real nice especially with lighting effect. Here is an awesome collection of ceiling design ideas that might help you to make at least one of your rooms cool and unusual. You can find here white colors ceilings as ceilings decorated wood boards, moldings and so on. If you have budget for this project, please read some great tips to chose your plaster ceiling contractor at the end of this page. Enjoy!




Plaster ceiling is great to fix some basic design flaws. A room with a high, formal ceiling can feel cozier when topped with a warm or dark color. Lighter ceiling shades visually enlarge a space, as do patterns or colors similar to those on walls. Can you notice the impact of the room?

Great! Now, read the tips below before you start your project!



For those who are not in the construction industry, you are advised as to ensure all of your plaster ceiling installation are;

  • reinforced with fibres around the steel frames

  • to ask about the dimension of the primary and secondary steel frame installation (1000mm x 400mm)

  • the thickness of the frame used (0.29mm thick or above).

  • the screws fixing intervals. (nothing more than 15cm apart)

Contractors usually squeeze the best out of their clients by providing cheap installation. As to be competitive, they will cut down on cost by ommitting the reinforcing part where after the installation of the plaster to the steel frame, no additional reinforcement is done by having to put additional fibres to secure the fixing between the steel and the dry plaster.


These additional reinforcement is NOT visible as it is concealed between the soffit (reinforced concrete slab) or roof trusses and the plaster ceiling. Some contractors will decrease the number of steel frame used by increasing the distance between steel frames. As to complete their work faster, some even install lesser screws as to save times by increasing the distance between one screws to another.


If you were to secure something cheap, RM 2.30/sq.ft and below, prepared to be frustrated after 12 mths time. You will notice cracks will starts appearing. If this a house that you are prepared to live for a very long time, why not invest in a good installation. Allocate RM2.60 ~ 2.80/sq.ft, ensure contractors deliver the above mentioned specifications.


As for supervision works, please request your contractor to have photos taken during these few stages:

  • the finishing stage of steel frame installation. (have all of the photos snapped in every rooms and shown to you prior to plaster installation)

  • the screws fixing (snap photos in every rooms prior to concealing the screws fixing)

  • the reinforcing fibres dipped in molten plaster being installed 90% (check yourself prior to sealing off the ceiling)

  • as for the frame used, bring a samples of steel used and verify with hardware store on thickness.

The plain horizontal plaster ceiling installation will come cheaper if it is install by foreigners. But you must ensure excellent workmanship and long lasting result...




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