Untuk meja jenis kaca dan juga marble.


Adakalanya anda perlu menghias dining table anda untuk meraikan sesuatu atau sekadar untuk melahirkan gayahidup dan suasana tertentu. Dining table boleh dihias agar menjadi ceria atau romantik tanpa mengeluarkan kos yang banyak. 

Pada masa ini, kebanyakan modern dining table diperbuat daripada jenis tempered glass ataupun marble. Tahukan anda apa itu tempered glass? Baca takrifan dari wisegeek.com: Tempered glass is one of two kinds of safety glass regularly used in applications in which standard glass could pose a potential danger. Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than standard glass and does not break into sharp shards when it fails. Tempered glass is manufactured through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling, making it harder than normal glass.

Terdapat tempered glass yang berwarna jernih dan ada juga yang hitam (black). Dengan memadankan tempered glass or marble dining table dengan white chair sudah cukup untuk menimbulkan suasana modern contemporary.

Hiasan meja makan marble

Gambar di atas adalah hiasan rumah contoh di sebuah kondo milik TLS Holding Sdn Bhd. Marble dining table digunakan dengan tema hijau muda. Untuk hiasan, anda boleh juga letakkan fresh flowers sebagai centerpiece. Jika menggunakan fesh flowers as centerpiece, boleh juga mix bunga yang sama jenis tetapi dengan pelbagai warna, misalnya bunga ros putih dengan merah.


Gambar di atas menunjukkan special design dining table dengan kerusi berwarna putih yang match dengan warna apa sekalipun.

Tema warna putih dan biru untuk decor meja makan. Gunakan glass bottles or glass vase sebagai penghias. Empty colored bottle is very creative!


Pinggan yang bercorak boleh menghidupkan dining mode.

Design pinggan dan mangkuk yang beralas dengan pinggan lain di bawahnya yang warna kontra.

Penggunaan candle light mewujudkan suasana romantic.  Dining table tema warna putih dan purple dan set pinggan yang berbentuk moden.


Beberapa lagi gambar yang lebih besar untuk hiasan meja makan dapat di lihat di bawah (rumah contoh di sebuah kondo milik TLS Holding Sdn Bhd.)  Mungkin boleh dijadikan ilham untuk anda menghias ruangan makan dan meja makan di rumah anda.


gambar meja makan di rumah

meja makan di ruang dining

meja makan ruang tamu kondominium

meja makan kaca

hiasan meja makan kaca moden

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Your dining room table can serve many different functions depending on your lifestyle. It may be used solely for special occasions and holidays, for adult company, or it may be a place where your family eats on a daily basis. Regardless of how often and who uses your dining room, you have a variety of options when it comes to decorating your dining room table. With a little creativity, you will be able to delight your guests or family members with your beautifully decorated table. Read more...

The easiest way to add style to your dining table is to add a tablecloth. Some tablecloths are very expensive, but it is not that difficult to find inexpensive ones at discount or departmental stores. You may also buy a fabric and stitch your customized table cloth. The fabric of the table cloth shall decide the style for the table. If you desire something simple and lustrous then go for plain colored fabrics. For special occasions, invest in silk, organza or organdy table cloths. Prints and designs are perfect for daily use. Resource: Homedit.com

Create ambiance by decorating your dining room table with candles. There are a variety of candles you can use for your décor. Use tall candle sticks with tall skinny candles in the center of your table and at the heads. Or choose thick candles in fat holders of different sizes. Use votives in patterns of three at various places on your table or simply place them randomly. Tea lights in glass holders scattered around the table will create a nice look as well. Finally, consider glass bowls filled with water and floating candles for a unique design. Turn the lights down and light the candles in the evening for a touch of elegance. Read more...

Change the look of your dining room table through the use of centerpieces. The sky is the limit as far as these table anchors are concerned. Fill a vase with a beautiful bouquet of fresh flowers or silk ones, if you want it to last a long time. You can also use centerpieces to mark the seasons. Place a miniature frosted pine tree on your table at Christmas time, a basket of eggs at Easter, a Cornucopia for Thanksgiving, and a centerpiece made by your kids to mark Mother's and Father's Day. Read more...


How to Choose A Marble Dining Table
Read more

If an elegant, polished look is what you are seeking then a marble dining table is something to be considered. Marble is a natural stone that offers unique design features from piece to piece. With proper care, it will hold its brilliance and luster for a lifetime. Imported from around the world and cut from slabs, marble results in a smooth finish that is sure to please. When you decide to actually pick up a marble kitchen table, there are a few things that you will want to make note of.

While all marble is equally exquisite to the eye, there are varying degrees of quality and durability that need to be considered which contribute to the price. When choosing your table, it is important to know the name of the marble and its hardness factor. Some marble is more porous and softer than others. This means that they will require a resin fill, which can create an unnecessary maintenance factor. In contrast, choosing a harder type of marble kitchen table will provide you with a more durable piece of furniture that requires less maintenance.

A low hardness factor does not necessarily mean a lower quality marble, but should be considered for its use. Marble also has veins running through it. This should not alarm you, as this is part of the natural process of the stone and it contributes to its beauty. Still, you should be aware of any cracks that you might find. What may seem like a small crack along one of those veins may grow over time and use. It may not seem like much at first, but in time could pose serious structural risk to the table.

How the table is finished can also indicate the level of quality in the overall table. If the tabletop and edges are smooth, they should reflect images and have no dull spots present. Marble dining tables should also be sealed, which will help prevent against stains and water penetration.

As a durable natural resource, marble has proven that it stands the test of time. Often used in historical sculptures which still exist today, you can see how the strength of such a beautiful stone can make it more of an investment than a purchase. Another added bonus of a marble dining room table is the selection. Marble dining room tables can come in almost any shape and style, will feature prominently in any round kitchen table buying guide, allowing you to find the perfect choice for any home decor and addition to the overall sophistication of the room.

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