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Your dining room table can serve many different functions depending on your lifestyle. It may be used solely for special occasions and holidays, for adult company, or it may be a place where your family eats on a daily basis. Regardless of how often and who uses your dining room, you have a variety of options when it comes to decorating your dining room table. With a little creativity, you will be able to delight your guests or family members with your beautifully decorated table. Read more...


This is some cool small room decorating ideas for your inspiration with minimalist and modern styles. When you have small room in your house do not be afraid to remodeling the interior design by place some contemporary and luxury furniture set. The main design concept of every this furniture is the smart employ of each available storage places. For example you might discover below modern black and white furniture through many drawers that might simple solve a storage space trouble. There is still further useful furniture like folding bed included in cabinet schemes and a lot of flexible table’s furniture and adaptable sofas that are ones of the most essential stuffs in some small room. Here it is small room design layouts photos to beautify your house decoration.



gambar meja makan di rumah

meja makan di ruang dining

meja makan ruang tamu kondominium


meja makan apartment

gambar meja makan kaca


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How to Choose A Marble Dining Table
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If an elegant, polished look is what you are seeking then a marble dining table is something to be considered. Marble is a natural stone that offers unique design features from piece to piece. With proper care, it will hold its brilliance and luster for a lifetime. Imported from around the world and cut from slabs, marble results in a smooth finish that is sure to please. When you decide to actually pick up a marble kitchen table, there are a few things that you will want to make note of.

While all marble is equally exquisite to the eye, there are varying degrees of quality and durability that need to be considered which contribute to the price. When choosing your table, it is important to know the name of the marble and its hardness factor. Some marble is more porous and softer than others. This means that they will require a resin fill, which can create an unnecessary maintenance factor. In contrast, choosing a harder type of marble kitchen table will provide you with a more durable piece of furniture that requires less maintenance.

A low hardness factor does not necessarily mean a lower quality marble, but should be considered for its use. Marble also has veins running through it. This should not alarm you, as this is part of the natural process of the stone and it contributes to its beauty. Still, you should be aware of any cracks that you might find. What may seem like a small crack along one of those veins may grow over time and use. It may not seem like much at first, but in time could pose serious structural risk to the table.

How the table is finished can also indicate the level of quality in the overall table. If the tabletop and edges are smooth, they should reflect images and have no dull spots present. Marble dining tables should also be sealed, which will help prevent against stains and water penetration.

As a durable natural resource, marble has proven that it stands the test of time. Often used in historical sculptures which still exist today, you can see how the strength of such a beautiful stone can make it more of an investment than a purchase. Another added bonus of a marble dining room table is the selection. Marble dining room tables can come in almost any shape and style, will feature prominently in any round kitchen table buying guide, allowing you to find the perfect choice for any home decor and addition to the overall sophistication of the room.

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