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Jalan Wan Siew, Taman Sepakat Indah, 43000 Kajang, Selangor.


This is some cool small room decorating ideas for your inspiration with minimalist and modern styles. When you have small room in your house do not be afraid to remodeling the interior design by place some contemporary and luxury furniture set. The main design concept of every this furniture is the smart employ of each available storage places. For example you might discover below modern black and white furniture through many drawers that might simple solve a storage space trouble. There is still further useful furniture like folding bed included in cabinet schemes and a lot of flexible table’s furniture and adaptable sofas that are ones of the most essential stuffs in some small room. Here it is small room design layouts photos to beautify your house decoration.




Hiasan ruang tamu apartment sri Ixora

Elegant, modern look design of Sri Ixora Apartment Project (1,028 sqft) as seen in the brochure launched in 2008.


A shot of the living room taken from dining area. You can see a framed picture on the wall. See the close-up picture at the right.

Hiasan ruang tamu apartment sri Ixora

A snapshot while standing at the main entrance. See and feel the big wall mirror effects.

To the master bedroom.

The Pearl Avenue dining area as seen in the show unit.

 The Pearl Avenue living room as seen in the show unit.


Pearl Avenue Condominium (1,101 sqft) interior design is similar with Sri Ixora Apartment. Located at Sg Chua, Kajang, this is one of the hottest selling properties in Kajang, launched in 2010. It was built by TLS Holding Sdn. Bhd. and in 2013, the building management already handed over to the Joint Management Body of Pearl Avenue Condo. Here, we show you 3 photos, one of the completed unit, renovated and available for rent in 2015.


Transparent high tempered glass table  with leather chair in black color to enhance the look and feel of contemporary living.

Big framed wall mirror (right side) with reflection of framed picture. Simple lighting above the dining table.

Big wall mirror opposite the big wall mirror creates double retroflection making the room looks bigger.

Go straight to enter the 2 other bedrooms.

 The Pearl Avenue living room as seen in the show unit.


A renovated unit of  TLS Pearl Avenue condominium at Sg. Chua Kajang. Renovation work was done by the appointed contractor, Maxwell Cons & Design which cost about RM15,000 covering living area, dining room and 3 bedrooms. The sofa, framed pictures and other furniture is not included.


Pearl Avenue living room with simple style deco, just nice for a young couple with little children. It will be open for rent in February 2015. Please call 012-250 2079 (Pn Ita) for any enquiry.


Ruang tamu kondominium

Pearl Avenue Condominium interior deco.

What to put in front of your sofa? - A Coffee Table?

A coffee table should be chosen in a proper proportion for the size of the room and the sofa in front of which it stands. A large square room would look strange with a small, delicate oval glass-topped coffee table, just as a small room would be cramped with a large, heavy, dark-painted square coffee table. Before buying a coffee table, place a large piece of newsprint or brown on the floor in front of the sofa to help determine an appropriate size and shape. You can cut down the paper or add to it until you get the right proportion for the rest of the furniture and the room. When shopping for a coffee table, take the measurements of the sofa with you, in addition to a floor plan of the room and the measurements you've determined will be best. You may have difficulty finding just the right size, but this will help.


  Sri Lavender Apartment Interior Design in 2011-2014. Equipped with a set of half leather sofa (3 + 1 seater) +  2 floor lamp, basic TV rack and LCD TV, side table and small size carpet. The dining table (6 pax) shown above.

Hiasan ruang tamu

Hiasan ruang tamu 2015

Hias ruang tamu

Left: Sri Lavender Apartment new look in 2015. We changed the sofa and carpet design. Right: Sri Ixora Apartment with basic furniture, leather sofa, wooden coffee table, and TV rack.

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Mirrors, Glass, and See-Through Style

Lots of people live in a small home, a small room, or just a small space. Some people live in a small apartment because that's all they can afford, and they're grateful for it. Here are more techniques to make a room look, and feel, a bit bigger.


Mirrored Surfaces
Add sparkle and reflection with mirrors. While a framed mirror is a traditional look over a mantle or sideboard, you might consider a more innovative approach like setting an oversize mirror on the floor leaning against a wall (be sure to attach it to the wall securely however, and just pull the bottom of the mirror away from the wall a few inches). A mirror table topper is another great way to add some shine to a plain or skirted table. Very simple furniture shapes like square tables or chests can be completely mirrored by a professional glass shop.


Glass and Lucite
Bring in some see-through style by using glass or lucite tables. They'll provide useful surfaces as dining or end tables, yet practically disappear in a visual perception of the room.

Read more at smallroomtricks or look at TLS idea on wall mirror decoration.



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