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JPJ Selangor - JPJ Selangor (Cawangan Negeri) is located in Shah Alam (Padang Jawa). If you want to go to JPJ Selangor from KL, it's easier to use Federal Highway (PLUS) and exit to Padang Jawa just before the Sg Rasah Plaza Tol. As your guideline, please ensure that you have left the BHP Petrol Station (left side) and Menara UiTM (right side) and take the leftmost lane. The same exit route also goes to i-City Shah Alam. So, very heavy traffic especially on weekend.

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Address: Operating Hours:

Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Negeri Selangor

Jalan Padang Jawa,

Seksyen 16, 40620 Shah Alam.

Telephone: 03-5566 9555

Fax: 03-5543 2202

Nama Pengarah: En. Yusof bin Ayob (M54)

Email: p.sel@jpj.gov.my

Handphone: 019-388 8446


7:45 pg - 1.00 tgh.

2:00 ptg - 5:00 ptg.



7:45 pg - 12.15 tgh.

2:45 ptg - 5.00 ptg.


Look at the red arrow (picture above) to assist you to identify the exit route from  Federal Highway onto the road and junction in front of JPJ Selangor in Jalan Padang Jawa, Shah Alam. Do not go straight, you will reach the toll plaza about several hundred meters.

In case you pass the exit route and enter the toll plaza, you can make u-turn at Bukit Raja flyover. You need to pay again RM1 toll fare and make sure you keep left to exit from the highway. Stop under the flyover (labeled with number 2 at the map above). Turn right to enter Jalan Padang Jawa. You will see a 'T' junction as below pictures.

This is the signboard at the 'T' junction near the main entrance JPJ Selangor at Padang Jawa, Shah Alam. Please refer to the Google Map image to identify this location.

Sebahagian daripada kaunter dengan sistem nombor giliran yang terdapat di JPJ Selangor di Padang Jawa, Shah Alam. Sumber: elykarella.blogspot.com 

Vehicle & car park space issue at JPJ Selangor

Shah Alam Selangor JPJ complex has a relatively limited area to provide adequate parking space parcels to customers who want to deal. Lot of 10 parking only available to subscribers. Jams and full parking space often occur, especially during peak hours on Monday and Friday. Monday was the first day the office is open and the Friday is the end of the week working day often become the focus of clients to deal.

Recognizing this problem the department has expanded its RTD activities and transactions such as Business New Vehicle Registration, Vehicle Ownership Change, Cancel Claims Vehicle Ownership and others in all five branches of the Branch RTD Petaling Jaya, Bangi Branch, Branch Banting Branch Sabak Bernam, Kuala Kubu Bharu Branch. Previously JPJ branch offices only deal renewing driving license and road tax only. The move was made to reduce traffic congestion in complex customer focused JPJ Selangor Shah Alam only.

RTD also has extended operating hours counter the counter opened at 7.30 until 5.30 pm, while the break at 1.00 to 2.00 pm counters are open for business to renew driving license and road tax as a measure to help customers choose the appropriate time for the next deal.

Customers can also make arrangements to renew driving license, road tax and Pay Suit RTD online (online) without attending to JPJ Office. If customers choose this method it can reduce congestion at JPJ Office.

RTD has actually been open Counter Online 1JPJ on every Sunday from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm at the PKNS Complex PKNS Shah Alam and Bandar Baru Bangi, which began in July 2011.

Besides, the counter Online 1JPJ also open at the farmer's Mega Shah Alam Stadium from 8.00am until 2.00pm every Sunday since April 2011 ago. RTD clients can make renewal of Driving Licence, Road Tax, Pay Suit, Check Blacklist. Online 1JPJ counter opening is intended to facilitate its customers in the holidays Sunday besides purchase items daily needs.



JPJ Selangor yakin kutip RM300,000 hasil lelong kenderaan sita

Blacklist enquiry

Untuk pembayaran saman JPJ secara online, sila klik Blacklist enquiry di atas. Sila baca arahan dan ikuti panduan dengan teliti
For easy and fast JPJ online summon payment, please visit our Electronic Government
Service Providers, as listed below: Please read and follow the instructions given.



The Malaysian Road Transport Department (Malay: Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia) (JPJ) is a government department under the Malaysian Ministry of Transport. This department is responsible for issuing Malaysian number plates.

As the government’s popular front line agency, the Road Transport Department strives to provide excellent services via the counter or the Internet to increase efficiency for the benefit of the public. You no longer have to queue and wait for hours to renew your motor driving licence and other services related to the Road Transport Department (RTD) now.

With a click of the mouse you can get the services done hassle free without travelling and going to the department counters. RTD director-general Datuk Solah Mat Hassan said their official portal www.jpj.gov.my offers many e-services to the public and the website acts as a one-stop centre rendering almost all the activities done at the counters.

“Counters are only open from 7.30 am to 5.30pm on weekdays and we operate five days a week. Whereas with the click of the mouse, the public can do their dealings from anywhere and any time.“This reduces our manpower and it’s hassle-free,” he said.

Solah said the public can among others renew their motor vehicle licence and driving licence, appeal, download forms and do enquiries.As the government’s popular front line agency, he said RTD always strives to provide excellent services to the public via the counter, kiosk or the Internet and they make full use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to increase its efficiency.

Elaborating on E-Rayuan, Solah said, the people can file in any appeal application like for instance a driving licence which expired more than three years. “However, the appeal must be submitted via RTD’s official website. As at March this year, 1,625 people had filed their appeals,” he said. Solah explained that users just need to key in some relevant information to check the Blacklisted Vehicle and Driving Licence list and Instructor Certificate Exam Result and Qualified Training Instructor Exam Result.

“The public can also enquire about the Driving Test Section 1 (Laws), the Expiry Date of Driving License and the Latest Vehicle Registration Number. “They can also download some JPJ forms with regards to act and rule, publication, enforcement, driver licensing, vehicle licensing and vehicle technicals,” said Solah.

And if you are not satisfied with any of the services rendered by the department, Solah said the public can lodge a report via email to aduan@jpj.gov.my.

“To lodge complaints on traffic offences, just provide crucial information such as location, vehicle number, date and your comment. “Any complaint on traffic offences, enquiry and advisory services and Motor Vehicle Licence and Driving Licence Renewal done via the RTD portal are linked to www.myeg.com.my,” he said.

Solah said MyEG Services Berhad is a concessionaire for the Malaysian E-Government MSC Flagship Appli­cation and it provides the electronic link between the Government and citizens or businesses. He said it is basically a single point of contact between the Government and the people it serves.

Beside the service, Solah said, other e-services include e-PUS­PAKOM, e-EKSAIS, e-LKM, e-INSURAN, e-HAK MILIK, e-AP, and e-DAFTAR. He said these e-services allow information to flow seamlessly among RTD and other agencies. Solah said RTD plans to increase its service delivery channels and provide alternatives to customers through additional online services to help reduce congestion at JPJ counters and be in line with its online service concept of being fast, anytime and easy,” he said, adding that there are many e-services in the pipeline.

Among them are e-PLATE, e-BIDDING, e-TUKARMILIK, e-PANDU SIHAT, Personalised Number Plate, Automated Enforcement System (AES), e-VIS (Electronic Vehicle Information System), e-Sah Lesen Memandu and “booking” for driving test. For those who tend to forget renewing their driving licences and road tax, Solah said they should register with KOMUNITI ONE JPJ as a member. To register, type REG JPJ [full name] [Identification Card number] and send an SMS to mySMS 15888.

Solah said, once registered, Motor Vehicle License and Driving License Renewal notices would be sent via short messaging service (SMS) and mail to them upon expiry date. Over 9,613 people have registered with “Komuniti OneJPJ” as of May and a total of 615 reminder notices have been sent so far, he said. While promoting its online services aggressively, Solah said, they do not overlook the counter services. “You cannot implement e-services at one go because we have the younger generation who are IT-savvy while the older generation are still not familiar with online services”.

Road Transport Department e-services:

  • e-PUSPAKOM provides information about vehicle check in Puspakom.

  • e-EKSAIS provides tax information from Custom Department.

  • e-LKM allows driving licence renewal done via kiosk and Myeg portal.

  • e-INSURAN offers vehicle insurance information obtained from insurance companies to replace cover note.

  • e-HAK MILIK transfers ownership claim information from financial institutions.

  • e-AP offers Approved Permits information obtained from International Trade and Industry Ministry (MITI).

  • e-DAFTAR provides Vehicle and buyers’ information obtained directly from dealer or vehicle seller to facilitate registration at counters. Dealers fill up Vehicle Registration Form (JPJK1).

Discounts for Traffic Summonses

KUALA LUMPUR DEC 2010: Discounts for traffic summonses are for a limited time only, said Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Tun Hussein.

He said once the period for discounts had lapsed, there would be no room for negotiation." There will be no more room to debate to say that wrong is right. I hope the matter will be settled and we will be firm on this,” he told reporters at the Parliament lobby here Thursday.

He said it was important for the message to get through that drivers must obey traffic rules and that no one was above the law. However, he said the Government was aware of the public grouses over the 50% discount offer for the summonses.

On Wednesday, The Star reported that traffic offenders would be given a 50% discount if they settled their summonses within two weeks. Those who paid up after the grace period but by the end of the month would get a 30% reduction.

The move is intended to reduce the backlog of summonses before the authorities start blacklisting traffic offenders from Feb 28. In the past, the Government had offered discounts on traffic summonses of varying degrees in January and September 2005 and in July 2008.

Motorists were also allowed to appeal for discounts from district police chiefs between 2005 and 2008. Summons payers wanted more counters to be open at the police traffic headquarters as massive crowds still continued to swarm in to pay their fines.

The Kuala Lumpur Compound Chief Unit Officer ASP Azhari bin Che Mat responded that payment of traffic summonses can be made online, at the post office as well as any other local police station.

Source: The Star

Only JPJ will issue sommonses against errant road users caught by AES.

KUALA LUMPUR: Summonses against errant road users caught by the Automated Enforcement System (AES) will only be issued by the Road Transport Department (JPJ) after verification.

Deputy Transport Minister Datuk Abdul Rahim Bakri told the Dewan Rakyat that ATES Sdn Bhd and Bina Tegap Sdn Bhd the two companies appointed to install the cameras were not tasked with issuing summonses.


“Since the implementation of AES on Sept 23, 63,558 images of motorists purportedly committing traffic offences have been captured.

“However, the JPJ is in the midst of determining whether those offences were actually committed.


“Therefore, no summonses have been issued,” he said in response to a question by Dr Lee Boon Chye (PRK-Gopeng).


He said the rate of return for the two companies was capped at 17%, adding that they would be paid in three ways, including RM16 per valid summons up to five million summonses. “The aim of implementing the AES is to instil the perception of being caught among motorists, which is now between 25% and 45%. “Our target is that the perception will reach 70% to 90%,” he said.


Rahim added that the AES had a positive impact, citing an example where 50 motorists were caught beating the red light at Km28 Jalan Ipoh-Kuala Kangsar in Sungai Siput within the first three days of implementation.


It is learnt that the JPJ has already started issuing summonses to errant motorists.


Source: The Star, Friday October 5, 2012


Adequate signs to warn motorists of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras

PETALING JAYA: There are adequate signs to warn motorists of the Automated Enforcement System (AES) cameras at 14 locations nationwide, said Road Transport Department (JPJ) deputy director-general Datuk Ismail Ahmad.


In refuting motorists' claims of inadequate signs leading up to the speed cameras, he said they were prominently displayed.


“The signboards are located between 2km and 3km from the cameras that capture images of speeding vehicles.


“For cameras that record motorists running red lights, the signs are located between 50m and 500m from the traffic lights,” he said.


He added that the signs could be seen clearly even at night.

Ismail reiterated that the AES was not aimed at issuing summonses, but to reduce speeding and jumping a red light.


The AES went online on Sept 23, with 14 cameras installed in Perak, Selangor, Putrajaya and Kuala Lumpur.


Ten of the cameras are aimed at nabbing those who break the speed limit while the other four will catch motorists who jump the red light.


In just two days, 2,952 offenders were caught on camera 809 for speeding and 2,143 for beating the red light.

More cameras will be installed at 817 blackspots nationwide next year.


To check the AES camera locations, log on to www.jpj.gov.my.

Source: The Star, Friday October 5, 2012


Only JPJ will issue sommonses against errant road users caught by AES. Read more...
Adequate signs in place to warn motorists of AES. Read more...
No. Plat Kenderaan

Accordance with the amended Road Transport Act 1987, vehicle owners can use the registration number ever registered in the vehicle that has been reported lost or stolen.

Compound Rate
The government has agreed with the implementation of the New Compound Rate For Traffic Offence.
Senarai Lokasi Kamera AES di Negeri Selangor.





Last Updated: 5 August 2015