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Pautan: Terminal Bas Klang Sentral




Klang Sentral yang dibuka pada tahun 2008 kini semakin berkembang maju. Banyak shoplots di Klang Sentral Commercial Centers telahpun dibuka dan beroperasi di kawasan ini, ditambah lagi dengan projek-projek perumahan sekitarnya meningkatkan lagi kesesakan lalulintas di persimpangan lampu trafik Klang Sentral. Hotel budget, restoran makanan segera Mc Donald dan pasaraya besar Giant juga terdapat di sini.

The fast developing area of North Klang in Selangor now have its own modern transportation hub developed by the Titijaya Group called Klang Sentral.


Klang Sentral commercial centers was completed in Disember 2008


Klang Sentral bus and taxi terminal is the new premier landmark in North Klang. By right, Klang Sentral is the most modern transportation hub in Selangor.

A new double storey Klang Sentral bus interchange Terminal

The double-storey Klang Sentral bus interchange and taxi terminal serve as the central transportation stop, together with a host of amenities provided by the adjacent shops.


Arial view of Terminal A Klang Sentral

Klang Sentral also boasts an uniquely triangular landscaping feature to complement the overall development.  An aesthetically designed entrance with landscaping and water feature is set to be a landmark of the development.


Terminal A Klang Sentral for domestic interchange

Developed by Titijaya's subsidiary, NPO Development Sdn Bhd, Klang Sentral will take up 83 acres of freehold land in Bukit Raja. The development will have the Klang Sentral transportation hub, a street mall, pedestrian mall, waterway, boulevard and promenade serviced by a 100ft- wide road at the main entrance and 66ft-wide roads within the development.

Terminal B Klang Sentral for Klang - KL only

Surrounding development of Klang Sentral including Bandar Setia Alam, Bandar Bukit Raja, Sungai Kapar Indah and Aman Perdana.

Klang Sentral Development

The thriving catchment market of an estimated 100,000 people daily passing through the transport hub  and a total of population of 800,000 from the surrounding development areas will ensure demand from surrounding residents, shoppers and office workers. 

  • A single-storey domestic bus and taxi terminal is expected to be completed by end-2007 with the double-storey express bus terminal to follow soon after.

  • 221 units of  3-storey shops/offices  (24 blocks) are expected to be completed by 2007.

Two main designs are being offered:

  • shop-shop-office (2-floors of retail outlets on the ground & 1st floor with an office on the second floor)

  • shop-office-office (a retail outlet on the ground floor and office units on the first & second floors)

New shop lots at Klang Sentral, Klang Selangor

Klang Sentral Pickup Point
Pickup point adalah tempat menunggu dan menurunkan penumpang. Download sekarang!







Issue of Klang Sentral

SHAH ALAM: All parties involved in the controversial Klang Sentral bus terminal have been called to attend an open discussion Thursday to thrash out the issues.

They involved the traders and transport operators, MPs and assemblymen, members of the special committee on the relocation of the bus terminal, Klang Sentral developer NPO Development Sdn Bhd and operator Nadi Corp Sdn Bhd.

Mentri Besar Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim said the state executive council decided to hold the meeting following a briefing by the Klang Municipal Council (MPK) on Wednesday.

He said the new terminal received protests from various parties despite the state governments directive to MPK to solve the issue.

The Klang Utara bus terminal was relocated to the new terminal in Meru at the end of last year.

The relocation was criticised as it was about 6km from the old terminal and led to Klang MP Charles Santiago and Kapar MP S. Manikavasagam having a verbal war with Sungai Pinang assemblyman and State Assembly Speaker Teng Chang Khim.

Khalid said the events since the Klang Sentral project took off in 2006, the concession agreement and problems faced by traders and transport operators would be discussed at the meeting.

He said details of the agreement would be revealed during the meeting.

We will also listen to the MPs opinions, he said after the weekly exco meeting.

He said the state government would not cease operations at the new terminal but would find solutions to improve it.

When asked if the verbal war among the Paktan Rakyat representatives would affect the party, Khalid said:

We are talking about helping the rakyat but quarrelling among ourselves is not a good way to help.

Lets find a common solution to this issue which is to find a way to counter traffic congestion in Klang, he said, adding that quarrels were common among politicians.

Lower rental may solve Klang Sentral issue.

KLANG: The Selangor government is trying to negotiate a lower rental for traders, and bus and taxi operators at the Klang Sentral terminal.

Health, Plantation Workers, Poverty and Caring Government Committee chairman Dr Xavier A. Jeyakumar said he had spoken to the developer's, Titijaya Group, representatives about the matter.

He said Klang Municipal Council officials would also follow up on the matter.

He said council officials had been told to renegotiate rentals with the developer so that lower rates could apply until business and traffic volume at the terminal improved.

"I have held discussions with the council president and the developer to lower the rental until things pick up," he said after visiting the terminal.

High rentals at the RM12.4 million terminal were cited as a factor behind the reluctance of bus and taxi operators to relocate there.

They will have to fork out up to RM10,000 a month to operate from the new terminal compared with the RM1,000 they are paying now.

Traders will have to pay between RM2,000 and RM3,000 per lot, almost equal the charges at nearby shopping complexes.

Titijaya Group general manager B.K. Ong, who was present, declined to confirm if his company would reduce rentals but agreed to hold discussions with the council.

"We will hold discussions with council officials and tenants at a dialogue session. At this point, we can't comment. We will decide after a study has been made."

Dr Xavier said the terminal was aimed at alleviating traffic congestion in the royal town with shortcomings addressed over time.

"Klang is an old town and there was not enough space to build the terminal in the city centre.

"The terminal was not conceived in eight months. Planning started in 2003. Why now when we have opened the terminal is there an issue over its location? This is not fair. The people of Klang have known for years about the terminal's relocation."

Klang Consumer Association president A. Devadass said the association had been protesting against the relocation of the terminal since 2005.

He claimed the council had turned a deaf ear to complaints on the matter.

"Initially, the developer said only the express buses would be moving. Nothing was said about stage buses."

Devadass said an alternative to the new terminal could have been the relocation of the the post office in Jalan Pos Baru to Orchard Square.

"There's also a small area in front of the post office that could be used."


Last Updated: 5 August 2015