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Di Klang terdapat dua (2) buah pejabat pos (post office) iaitu di Klang Utara dan di Klang Selatan. Post Office Klang Utara terletak di Dataran Klang yang sempit, iaitu di kawasan tumpuan warga Klang yang mana berdekatan dengan hentian bas Klang Utara. Pejabat Pos Klang Utara merupakan salah sebuah cawangan Pejabat Pos yang menyediakan perkhidmatan/skim Pajak Gadai Islam ar-Rahnu yang diperkenalkan oleh POS Malaysia baru-baru ini.

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post office klang

Post Office Klang Utara yang dirakamkan pada 2007. Bangunan pejabat pos ini berdekatan degan Dataran Klang. Alamat pejabat pos: JKR 1093, Jalan Pos Baharu, 41300 Klang, Selangor Darul Ehsan. Tel: 03-33420277. Pejabat POS Malaysia Klang Utara bersebelahan dengan stesen teksi dan bas Klang. Oleh kerana itu, kawasan sekitarnya agak kurang bersih disebabkan oleh kawasan ini menjadi tumpuan warga asing yang menggunakan perkhidmatan bas awam.



Peta Pejabat Pos Klang

Peta di atas menunjukkan lokasi kedua-dua Pejabat POS Malaysia di Klang. Pejabat POS Malaysia yang lebih tua ialah Pejabat POS Malaysia Klang Selatan yang bersebelahan dengan Galeri DiRaja Klang. Kedua-dua pejabat POS Malaysia ini dipisahkan oleh Sungai Klang. Beberapa design setem POS Malaysia yang terkini ditunjukkan di bawah:


Dataran Klang

Dataran Klang adalah kawasan tumpuan warga bandar Klang untuk ke kompleks beli belah berdekatan dan juga untuk menunggu perkhidmatan bas bandaran.Jika diperhatikan betul-betul di belakang gambar ini, anda boleh nampak bangunan Pejabat Pos Klang Utara *sebelah kiri). Sementara itu, satu lagi pejabat pos Klang letaknya di Klang Selatan dan bersebelahan dengan Galeri diRaja Klang.


Lihat bangunan di sebelah kiri Galeri Diraja. Bangunan itulah bangunan Pejabat Pos Klang Selatan. Address: Jalan Stesen, 41670 Kelang,Selangor Tel: 03-33715555

Anda boleh berjalan kaki sahaja untuk ke Post Office Klang Selatan daripada hentian bas Klang Selatan ataupun daripada Little India. Berbanding dengan Pejabat Pos Malaysia Klang Utara, Pejabat Pos Malaysia Klang Selatan berada dalam kawasan bandar DiRaja Klang yang juga kawasan bersejarah dan pusat pelancongan Klang dan persekitarannya jauh lebih bersih dan terjaga.


POS Malaysia Box or Packet FlexiPack - is your choice for personal, business, or e-commerce use!


Pos Malaysia Berhad is the exclusive provider of mail services in Malaysia. With more than 175 years of existence in the country, its vast experience forms a strong backbone to support its massive restructuring when it became a corporatised entity in 1992.

The blend of its solid market strength and market freedom enables Pos Malaysia Berhad to explore and adapt new business opportunities beyond the 'traditional postal services' and thus, stays ahead of its competitors.

In 2003 Pos Malaysia Berhad restructured its entire operation unit into four specific Strategic Business Units. Determine to be more focused on its various customers and marketplace, Pos Malaysia Berhad now consists of:

  • PosMel
    This brand is focused in providing day-to-day mailing services both general public and retail customers

  • PosLaju
    Being the sole national courier provider, PosLaju aggressively aims to be the preferred courier service among its foreign competitors.

  • PosNiaga
    This unit is responsible in heightening the accessibility of the national's postal services to reach Malaysians in every corner of the country.

  • PosLogistik
    With the acquisition of Transmile, Pos Malaysia Berhad is extending its services to provide logistics solutions through this new brand.

At Pos Malaysia Berhad, we have discovered that the secret to business survival lies in the human relationships. Thus, Pos Malaysia Berhad constantly invests in identifying, evaluating and maximising the human capital that drives the organisation and innovates solutions to improve its products and services to fulfil the sprouting demands of its customers.

As we endeavour the new century, Pos Malaysia Berhad continues to reinvent itself to stay focused, competitive and continues to connect Malaysians with the world.


Our Customer Service Centre is established at the Subang Jaya Post Office. It functions as a trusted channel to attend to all customersí feedback and queries pertaining to Pos Malaysia Berhadís products and services.

This Centre is manned by 30 able Service Agents who are trained to provide quick responses to all enquiries, feedback, complaints and suggestions received from our customers through the telephone, e-mail, fax, written correspondence and through personal visits.

A Call Management System has been put in place to handle customers' queries related to postcode finding, tariff, PosLaju, parcel service and other mailing services. It also enables our Service Agents to help trace the delivery status of PosLaju, Pos Ekspres and Posdaftar.

The Customer Service Centre also allows for online handling of feedback from customers which is categorised according to issues related to policy and issues related services. The Issue Management System has enabled the company to collate and use the relevant data towards the rating of customer satisfaction and the implementation of follow up plans thereafter to better serve the customers.

You can get in touch with our Service Agents through telephone by calling:

POSLINE: 1 300 300 300

Alternatively, you can also communicate with our Service Agents via e-mail, fax, write or by personal visit.


Anda berniaga online? Daftarkan produk anda di marketplace baru HalalSurf sekarang! PERCUMA!


Anda berniaga online? Daftarkan produk anda di marketplace baru HalalSurf sekarang! PERCUMA!

For year 2014, Pos Malaysia is required to deliver 89.0% of domestic letters on time based on an independent audit.
For year 2014, Pos Malaysia is required to deliver 82.0% of domestic parcels on time.
Non-Standard Mail refers to Letter, Printed Matter and Small Packet whose weight, size and features do not fit a Standard Mail
Periodical refers to book, pamphlet, magazine, catalogue and newspaper published on a regular basis at least two (2) times a year (conditions applied)
POS Malaysia Flexipack
When you canít figure out if you need a box or a small packet to pack your items in, FlexiPack gives you the flexibility you need. Available in different sizes for both Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah/Sarawak, Flexipack gives you more convenience and value for money!

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