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PULAU INDAH - Dahulunya dikenali sebagai Pulau Lumut, yang merupakan  kawasan pantai berpaya dengan beberapa perkampungan nelayan penempatan orang asli ada di sana. Dengan pembinaan jambatan Pulau Indah pada tahun 1995 serta Pelabuhan West Port dan Zon Perdagangan Bebas Port Klang, kawasan ini telah ditransformasikan menjadi sebuah kawasan perindustrian yang bernilai berbilion ringgit dan menjadi salah satu tarikan pelancong domestik bagi negeri Selangor.

Pulau Indah Malaysia

Kawasan ini, selain daripada menjadi kawasan pembangunan Pelabuhan Barat atau West Port, juga menjadi tumpuan para pelabur untuk membina kilang perusahaan dan perindustrian. Sebuah taman perindustrian dinamakan Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP) telah dibangunkan di Pulau Indah ini oleh Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd., sebuah syarikat dibawah Kumpulan Perangsang Selangor Berhad.

Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP) is an ideal industrial base due to its strategic location for cost savings and high returns. A perfect business destination that provides innovative industrial solutions, PIIP offers unrivalled convenience and functionality supplying not only basic infrastructures like water, electricity and telecommunications facility; it is also complemented with an independent township that is linked with world-class transportation services.

Pulau Indah juga telah dikomersilkan oleh Kerajaan untuk dijadikan Halal Hub PKFZ (Port Klang Free Trade Zone) di Selangor.

Port Klang Free Zone (PKFZ) is an integrated 1,000-acre international cargo distribution and consolidation centre situated on Pulau Indah, Port Klang. The Port Klang Authority (PKA), the owner of the site, is undertaking the development of PKFZ.


Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd, a company under Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Berhad (KDEB) is the main developer of the RM4 billion fully-integrated Pulau Indah Industrial Park (PIIP) slated for completion by 2014. When fully completed, the 2342.6-hectare park will be a self-contained island made up of light, general and specific industry areas, warehouses, a town centre and residential zones.

PIIP's first phase covering 352 hectares was put on the market in 1995 while the second phase was unveiled in 1997. Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd's general manager Ir. Roslan Ahmad said the development of the industrial park remained an important component under the island's development masterplan to turn Pulau Indah into an integrated 'harbour city' that would attract export-based manufacturers to set up their plants here.

He believes that an investment within the 'harbour city' is an ideal business proposition due to the strategic location and modern infrastructure. It also promises cost savings and high returns.



"The project is based on a simple concept," said Roslan. "It's a development where the environment will be taken care of, where people can do business at ease, where families will enjoy coming home, where potential customers are virtually at your doorstep and life can be as simple as the concept behind it."

Roslan noted that the integrated industrial park encompasses industrial development, commercial and institutional centres as well as residential development. On industrial development, he said PIIP encouraged the establishment of port-related industries backed up by medium- and small-scale industries. The latest product, the Selangor Halal Hub is part of the industrial development programme. All factory units, which consist of 1 1/2-storey terrace factories, 1 1/2-storey semi-detached factories and single-storey terrace factories, enjoy spacious land area with close proximity to Westport, the biggest super port in the region.

As for the commercial and institutional centres, Indah Point consists of 102 units of four-storey shop-offices and a tower block to house the financial and banking institutions, international freight forwarders, medical and health services, restaurants, leisure and entertainment outlets and so on. Designed with world-class infrastructure, Indah Point is certainly a much sought after business hub.




As for residential development, he said more than 15,000 units had been planned ranging from low-cost housing to meet the demand of employees in Pulau Indah, to high-cost homes. Residential Development in Pulau Indah offer buyers a chance to own an island home, and the residents can capitalise on the water-front shores that offer water sports activities such as jet- skiing and fishing.

The PIIP is also linked to all major highways as well as to the rest of the world through various means. Roslan said with sophisticated transport and communication infrastructure, PIIP could meet the demands of the local and international market. An effective town planning programme will see the development of business parks, research and technology parks, shopping complexes and shopping villages. All these will be further complemented with the presence of government departments, a private hospital, private college, floating mosque, transport terminal and a hypermarket.

Roslan asserted that the designs would meet the demands of the 21st century business setting and the town centre fully equipped with networking facilities and related amenities. "We will preserve 44 hectares of mangrove swamp in the island's commercial centre into a wetland, similar to the Sungai Buloh Woodlands Sanctuary in Singapore," he said. "Purchasers can be assured that the development of PIIP adheres to the stringent requirements of the Department of Environment (DOE) and set to take care of tomorrow's environmental needs. "Enjoy hassle-free procedures for your investment in our properties. We will ensure that your investment here begins on a bright note."

PIIP as the "The Global Vision of the Future" is set to create business opportunities for investors and is on track to make Malaysia's Vision 2020 a reality. Those keen to grab a golden opportunity in this harbour city can visit the Central Spectrum (M) Sdn Bhd's showroom at No. 7 Jalan Perigi Nanas 8/6, Indah Point, Pulau Indah, 42920 Port Klang or call 03-31012020 for more information.




Hotel Project of Dí Tiara Corp Sdn. Bhd. at Pulau Indah


D'Tiara Corp Sdn Bhd (DTC) has a strong experience in property projects in Malaysia. The executive director Pua Yow Liang said, DTC will develop the RM800 million multi-phase D'Tiara Waterfront Resort in Pulau Indah.


Pulau Indah is an island where visitors can experience life in a traditional Malay village. This is the best place to enjoy the rustic and laidback charms of kampung (village) life, set amidst lush greenery and the Straits of Malacca. Pulau Indah is also the location of Klang's new West Port and cruise terminal. When the Pulau Indah hotel project completes, it will boost tourism in Pulau Indah in the future.

D'Tiara Waterfront Resort in Pulau Indah.



The Concept


DíTiara Waterfront Resort in Pulau Indah is strategically located on an island and its development comprises commercial and recreation property.  The development has a fantastic view of Selat Lumut (Straits of Lumut) which stretches the shoreline for about 3.5 kilometres.  The concept of DíTiara Waterfront Resort at Pulau Indah has the following objectives:

  • To create a property development project that meets the residents' needs and to take advantage of Klang as the next growth area.

  • To provide investment opportunity for investors with a profit guarantee scheme which yields a higher return over fixed deposit placements.

  • To create a niche market for resort type lifestyle targeting property investors and potential residents through its unique resort villas and canal bungalows, as opposed to the jaded conventional residential units.

  • The main catalyst of this development shall be leisure lifestyle living backed by the available comforts of resort hotel, business hotel and theme parks and other amenities and facilities which are currently still lacking at the development area.


PORT KLANG: Prime Minister Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi wants the port authorities to enhance efforts in attracting logistics agents to utilise Malaysian ports. He said the logistics and shipping sectors were very competitive, especially in Asean. As such, the port authorities should strive to provide excellent services to exporters, importers and shipping companies, Abdullah said in his speech, which was read out by Deputy Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, at the opening of the Port Klang Free Zone at Pulau Indah, near here, Friday.  

Malaysian ports should also be prepared to fulfil customerís demand, apart from providing additional attractions, Abdullah said, citing the setting up of the Port Klang Free Zone as a positive move. Abdullah said the Government wanted the Port Klang Free Zone to be the catalyst for trade, distribution and light industrial activities. He is confident that the Port Klang Free Zone will bring in positive changes based on its strategic location and the facilities offered. If the operations and marketing of the Port Klang Free Zone run smoothly, I am positive that Port Klang can become the ideal port in Asia, he said.  

He is happy with the co-operation between Port Klang Free Zone and Jebel Ali Free Zone International (JFZI) in the United Arab Emirates, which has an excellent record in the development and management of free trade zones worldwide. Abdullah is also confident that the co-operation will achieve the objective of making the Port Klang Free Zone the preferred trade and distribution centre in the region.  

The Port Klang Free Zone is located on a 400ha land in Pulau Indah. Developed and owned by the Port Klang Authority (PKA), it comprises two free zones, namely the Commercial Free Zone and Industrial Free Zone. It is modelled after the Jebel Ali Free Zone, the leading distribution hub in West Asia and reputedly the most successful in the world.

PKA has appointed Jebel Ali to conceptualise the development, marketing and management of the Port Klang Free Zone. Seven companies, four Malaysian and three from the UAE, have so far indicated their intention to set up their operations in the Port Klang Free Zone.- Bernama

Last Updated: 1 August 2015

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