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Westport Malaysia

Pintu masuk utama ke Terminal Kontena Westport di Pulau Indah, Pelabuhan Klang.

WESTPORT Malaysia, Pulau Indah di Pelabuhan Klang merupakan pelabuhan yang ke-3 di Selangor selepas NorthPort dan SouthPort Port Klang. Westport telah dibuka secara rasmi pada tahun 1995 dan merupakan sebuah pelabuhan milik syarikat swasta yang termaju di Malaysia. Pada setengah tahun pertama 2008, Westport telah mengendalikan 2.45 TEU dengan market share 62% di Port Klang.


Map of WestPort Malaysia, Pulau Indah, Port Klang.

Jarak Westport daripada Bandar Klang adalah kira-kira 30 km. Anda boleh sampai ke WestPort dalam masa 30 minit dengan melalui Bandar Botanic di Bukit Tinggi Klang dan terus menghala ke KESAS Highway.


Westport Malaysia

Bangunan Headquaters of Westport Malaysia di Pulau Indah.

Bangunan HQ Westport jelas kelihatan beberapa kilometer selepas anda melepasi Jambatan Pulau Indah. Menara Westport ini sesuai dijadikan panduan dan memudahkan pencarian anda menuju ke Westport, Pulau Indah.

Cranes - Panorama terminal kontena Westport di waktu senja.

Westport merupakan sebuah pelabuhan yang sarat dengan landscape dan taman yang menarik sama ada di sekitar bangunan dan juga di dalam bangunannya. Laman web ini akan menunjukkan kepada anda beberapa lanskap menarik di WestPort Pulau Indah, Pelabuhan Klang.

Maskot Westport iaitu ikan lumba-lumba (dolphin) di hadapan bangunan headquaters.


Pancuran air menjadi sebahagian daripada Landscape Westport

Surau lelaki dan perempuan.

Landscape kolam air dengan batuan yang besar.

Landscape taman dan bonzai.

Landscape Japanese Garden. 

Landscape kolam air di Japanese Garden.


Productivity and turnaround time are vital elements in the port industry and Westports Malaysia believes in spurring its workforce to deliver and to maintain standards that exceed the norm.


Hence with the drive to outdo the industrial performance of 25 standard container moves per hour (mph), Westports operations team continuously engages in a Formula 1 spirit to consistently move above 35 Gross mph.

Just as how a team of engineers turnaround a F1 racing car at the pit-stop in less than 8 seconds, Westports operations team have focused on revving up 35 Gross mph. The spirit of Formula 1 Racing reminds each member of the operations staff to always keep in pursuit of pole position, which is to consistently to achieve above 35 Gross mph.


Employing about 3,500 staff, 70% of whom are Bumiputeras, Westports delivers average crane productivity of 35 gross moves per hour and over the vessel productivity of above 100 gross moves per hour with minimum 3 cranes operation.


Strategically located along the Straits of Malacca, Westports today has positioned itself as the pit stop for Container vessels plying the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Westports is not only a leading port in South East Asia, but also one of the top 5 Ports in the world in terms of productivity. Consistently rated as one of the world’s most productive ports, Westports surpasses its productivity records by raising its own performance bar year on year.

Two world records last November has enabled the operations team achieve Best Productivity, Best Customer Service and Best Employees - all at once at a time of economic difficulties. Westports has nurtured highly motivated employees who are always thriving to improve productivity and services rendered to customers.


Container throughput at Westports has increased from 2.6 million TEUs in 2004 to nearly 5 million TEUs in 2008. Westports commands 62 per cent share of the container volume in Port Klang. Poised to become a preferred port for local boxes within the next 5 years, in addition to being a transshipment megahub, Westports container volume achieved a cumulative figure of 30 million TEUs in September 2009, since beginning operations in 1996.


Westports is now a megahub for both local and transshipment containers. With current total quay length measuring 3.2 kilometers, which includes 5 container terminals, and a potential to build another 4 container terminals that would give Westports a capacity of 15 million TEUs, the port is well known for 6 best achievements to-date.


During the last 15 years, the port has won more than 20 awards – some of the recent ones include, International Association of Ports and Harbors (IAPH) Gold Award for IT (May 2007), Human Resources Minister HR Development Award (Sept 2007) and Best Brands in Logistics – Ports (March 2009)


High Productivity, Fast Turnaround and berth on arrival are key attributes of Westports services that customers value the most.  The port aspires to delight its customers with Just-In-Time practices to remove inefficiencies in the supply chain. With 62% container market share in Port Klang, Westports helped moved Port Klang a rung higher in 2008 to 15th spot in the latest world port traffic league.



Westports offers a multi-cultural experience. With more than 3,000 staff with varieties of job, we ensure you will have the freedom to develop a challenging career. They continually develop and deliver learning programs and tools, to ensure you are equip with the right knowledge and skills.We also offer attractive benefits package and the best medical benefits regardless your position.As a world-class port we seek undergraduate, MBA, advanced degree graduates and professionals who wants to be outstanding in your way. We offer opportunities and help for you to make the differences from the first day you joined.


Fresh graduates & experience professionals should explore their career prospects to join the port as Management Trainees as well as other management positions because not only the wages are attractive, but they will also undergo extensive training and exposure. The port offers a minimum gross annual salary of RM24,000 for fresh grads with medical coverage. As a performance oriented organization, there is an annual increment of 10% to 20% based on performance.Additionally, over 40 different employee benefits are provided by Westports including 2-month interest-free salary advance. Loans are provided for housing, vehicles and computers.

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